Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Handmade Christmas - Budget Anthropologie Pom Pom Garland!

12/ 17 EDIT: I just realized that Anthropologie currently has a pom pom garland in their shop! So this doubles as an edition for Budget Anthropologie! Yay for happy accidents! To make your garland more like the Anthropologie version, braid or crochet the chain you attach the pom poms to!


In preparing my Christmas decor this year, I am obsessed with pompoms! I originally wanted to created a felted wool garland like (this one at West Elm), but we are on a tight budget this year and I didn't have the money for the supplies nor to buy one from West Elm directly. So I settled on the next best thing... pom poms! They have the same feel that I was going for, but as I already had plenty of yarn lying around and a few spare hours to operate as a pom pom factory, they were completely free!

Cardboard, or your hands
Sharp Scissors


1. Find a small scrap of cardboard, wood, or wrap yarn around your hands or fingers depending on the size you are going for. 
2. Wrap until you have a thickly padded section of yarn.(Here I have wrapped several sections at once to save time!)
3. Cut yarn end, pull the wad of yarn off the cardboard or wherever you have it.
4. Using another piece of yarn securely double knot around the midsection of the yarn wad.
5. Cut open the loops on either side the tie.
6. Trim pom pom ends until it is full and fluffy looking, depending on the look you are going for.
7. Leave the tie ends long to attach to gifts, garlands, wreaths, etc!


Here's what I did with mine:
I made a Garland for our tree, and I used the extra yarn trimmings and extra pom poms as snowy vase filler!



Thanks for reading!!

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