Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Handmade Christmas 2012

Hello and happy holidays friends!

I apologize for the severe lack of movement here the past weeks. My Husband and I just bought a new (old) house and we have been busy moving, fixing, renovating, painting, and all the things that come with home ownership!

I have been so behind trying to get our home in some kind of livable condition that I have fallen behind on my usual Christmas crafting escapades.

This year we kept hings pretty simple. I used a lot of the decorations I made last year -

Pinecone Garland

* Wrapping Details

(Be sure to visit my Etsy shop for some downloadable Gift Tags and other great gift ideas!)

And did a few new projects!

* Budget Anthropologie Pom Pom Garland Tutorial 

I also added some more found/natural elements that were quick, easy, and most importantly, free! Take a look for some holiday inspiration.

We got our first real tree this year, (my first ever!) and we needed a tree skirt so our cats would stop drinking all the water! Again we are on a budget, so I tried to use only what I had. I still had some painter's dropcloth left over from these basket liners, I also had some cream fabric trim with a red crocheted edge on it that I got at an estate sale a while back that was perfect for the job. I didn't use a pattern, I basically just winged it and was able to do it in under 45 minutes. It  turned out perfect!

(If you would like a tutorial leave a note in the comments!!)

When we bought our Christmas Tree I asked for some extra cuttings off the trunks to use for decorations. I stacked them over the mantle and interspersed them with the DIY Mason Jar Snowglobes I made last year.

Trimmings from the pom poms make snowy vase filler! I made arrangements with curly twigs from our yard.

I used some small chalkboards I had on hand to write seasonal messages for the mantle!

You can see the tutorial I made for the pompoms here. I strung them into a garland, and used the extras and trimmings as vase fillers with some pine cones and twigs from my yard!

The tree! See the teeny vintage crocheted angel we use as a topper?

Extra pom poms and pinecones as vase filler!

Happy decorating and thanks for reading!

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