Monday, September 10, 2012

Projects - Floral Crowns

Today I planned a fun little project with the girls I nanny for: floral crowns!

The last time I made these was at my 10th birthday party, and while preparing for it my mom sliced her thumb open when cutting the stems of the silk flowers! Good times. All my friends and I loved making them though! They are making a resurgence on the blogosphere lately, and I knew the girls I nanny would just love them.

I didn't get a chance to do a full tutorial photo set, but there are many beautiful tutorials already available, like this one at Kelli Murray! There are several ways to do this project, find a method that works for you!

I used some stem wire for the crown itself, floral tape (you can use floral wire as well), and wire cutters all from my stash. I purchased some complimentary colored flowers on sale at Michael's! I spent about $10 for the materials for the girls' crowns. I wrapped the wire in floral tape and  wrapped each stem onto the wire as the girls picked out the flowers they wanted on their crowns. 

The tape was very sticky at the end from working with it, so I wrapped the un-flowered wire with thin strips of felt that I hot glued in place so the tape wouldn't stick to their hair. Then I bent the ends into hooks to hook together to form an adjustable circle!

The girls just loved the project and had a great time picking out their flowers and designing their crowns!

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  1. Great idea. For children it is definitely great fun. The project came out beautifully, the crowns were beautiful.
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