Friday, April 20, 2012

Black Apple Dolls

 I tried my hand at making Emily Martin's Black Apple Doll as a birthday gift for the girls I babysit, here's how they turned out!  This is a great project to use up scrap fabrics and fat quarters! I used a plain muslin for the main bodies and fray checked the raw edges on the rest of the fabrics I used that were not hemmed. I embroidered their initials on their chests to avoid arguments between the girls. I drew their faces on with a permanent marker and painted their cheeks with nail polish. 

I made fabric drawstring bags for each girl with their initials on the front, along with little beds for each doll. I wanted them to be able to keep all the accessories together easily!

I made a bunch of dresses for each doll! Of course the girl's favorite dress was the pink princessy ballgown...

Thanks for reading!!


  1. wow! what a charming project. all of the doll dresses are really cute.

  2. These are presh! My nieces only wish I could stitch these up on a whim!


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