Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project - Button Libraries and Quilted Jewelry Part 2

that just happened.

Last week I began the arduous and insane task of organizing my vast button collection. I got it into my head to make a sort of card catalog of all my buttons in empty cigar boxes so I could easily sort through and see what I have as needed. I spent 4 days just getting yellow, red and purple sewn onto cards (reusing our Christmas cards that never got sent out...oops) 

I have a long ways to go, as I have approximately 4 times the amount of these colors in white, brown and black buttons, not to mention all the metallics and random other bits. It's going to take forever! but it will look puuurty.

On another note, I'm participating in an auction benefit show called Lucky 21 being put on by 1708 Gallery in Richmond, VA that opens April 1, 2011, with an auction gala on April 9. The show will take place at the Try-Me art center on West Main Street.

Using some fabulous vintage quilt pieces my Mom gave me for my birthday this year, I made a second quilted necklace to put in the show this year, here are some progress shots and a taste of the final piece! I spent the last 3 days pulling 10 hours straight  each, embroidering till my fingers nearly fell off. Sorry the pics don't do it justice and the colors are off! The fabrics are not as pink as they look.

the Walter has claimed my workspace.


What do you think?

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  1. love your quilted jewelry! such inspiring work!

  2. You are Doing fabulous and I'd love to learn more from you


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