Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Project - Put a Bird on It : Embroidery Attempt #2

Last night I spent some time working on this vintage birdie embroidery design from a series of designs I found  on  My Transfers. I put it on a tea towel/napkin thing I got a set of at my favorite thrift store, Yesterday's Rose for 25 cents each. Being a fan of the new IFC show Portlandia, this is now a huge thing in our house every time we see a bird design on anything...

Needless to say Kyle and I joked plenty about the design I chose, but it's cute and I wanted to give it a go for my second embroidery attempt. I'm going to work through the rest of the birdie designs for the little towels and they will probably become wedding gift stock for the next group of our friends marriages coming up this year!

PS: Our wedding has been featured on!  Go check it out! 
Mari & Kyle's DIY Wedding

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