Friday, November 5, 2010

Jewelry - Prototyping

I'm prototyping a new piece for a show I'm participating in that I need to turn in to the gallery next Saturday.
I'm working with a theme of the history, comfort and nostalgia behind fabric/vintage quilts and juxtaposing that with traditional ornate jewelry shapes. Aside from the silhouettes I will be doing some stitch work, layering and possibly embroidery to accent the shapes of the jewels/ beads etc that are not present in this form.  

The prototype is just from one piece of fabric but I will be using vintage quilt blocks as the base for the final piece, and potentially use the remainder as a small wall hanging that will accompany the necklace.

I'm so afraid to cut into the quilt blocks, they are so beautiful! I don't want to mess up and destroy them!


Chuck wants to help.

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  1. How about moving the pattern up on the blocks to where the center of your "tear drop" is in the center of the quilt block. That way you'd get more variety of fabric and color in the center of your fabric jewlry.


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