Friday, November 5, 2010

Jewelry - In Progress

Diving right in, here are some in progress shots of the final piece! Had some mishaps with the thin parts as I was turning them out, so I had to cut them off and will remake those as a next step.

[ PS. I am amazed how much you can get done when you leave the TV off all day... ]

freshly cut from top layer and batting

pin, sew, cut, turn out

in progress!


  1. Yup, like the variety of fabric in the center of your necklace. Nice to see you were able to keep the cemetry of the lines as you went up the piece despite being different fabrics. :-)

  2. Yeah thanks for the suggestion aunt Trinora! I hadn't even thought bout putting it there before. I think it works great :D

  3. Waste is inevitable to get the right effect. I have boxes of scrap glass, just from cutting and sometimes I even go as far as fussy cut the glass to get just the right effect.


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