Monday, October 29, 2012

Project - The Fantastic Foxes

This weekend Husband and I went to our friend's Halloween party dressed as the Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox! It's one of my very favorite movies and I have been wanting to do it for Halloween since it came out!

Mr. and Mrs. Fox! 

On to the details!

I got lucky and found a long sleeved yellow trapeze cut dress for $3 at Salvation Army!  I cut the sleeves to 3/4 length and used the remainder to add a collar and a paintbrush pocket!

Then I made a stencil (using my method from this post) of an apple to paint the apples onto the dress! After they dried I painted a green leaf on each apple. I also painted a wood button yellow to add to the collar!

I drew out a design on letter sized paper and cut out the different pieces of the faces from colored felt. I hot-glued everything on, and glued the felt mask to a cheap plastic one from Michaels! It took some adjusting cutting out the eye holes correctly, and I had to cut away some of the plastic for comfort.

Finally, I made a simple tail for myself and felt band-aids for my husband's bottom! (Mr. Fox's tail gets shot off in the movie!) I even made a cardstock version of Mrs. Fox's  cameo brooch!

We got a lot of compliments, particularly from those who'd seen the film!

Cost breakdown:
$3 - felt
$2- 3-pack of plastic masks
$2 - thrifted button down shirt
$3 - thrifted yellow dress

Total - $10

Everything else came from things we already had on hand!

 Before and after! 

Happy Halloween and thanks for reading!!


  1. I love your masks and the costume idea. I think making your own is FAR superior to buying one. Once I dressed up as someone who got struck by lightning; I even won a costume contest!

  2. Thanks for the ideas ! For the first time in my life, i've made my own costume. It's not so beautiful as yours but it looks great and I'm so proud of myself !

  3. Ahhhh! I'm in love with this! If I start making these in July I'll totally have them done by October so this year is out lol. (I have a toddler) This is one of the simplest, cutest Fantastic Mr. Fox costumes I've seen!


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