Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project - Scalloped Lampshades

I used my stenciled pillow method from the previous post to make over some lampshades! 
I got these 2 lamps for $11 each at Marshalls!! The shades were different colors and said "Sand" and "Sea" on them... cute, but, a little too... beachy for my tastes in our non-beach home.  I recovered the lampshades with a painter's tarp and some hot glue, and then used my scallop stencil and some white craft paint to stencil all over the shades! They turned out fantastic, and I love seeing them on either side of the TV!  

You will notice that one of the lamps is cracked, but as it was $11 and I'm no stickler for things being absolutely perfect when they are a good deal, I didn't care!  I also forgot to move the cord out of the way. Whatevsies! (See The Nester - The Power of the Imperfect)

My end tables are also different heights, a great way to combat that and have the lamps look even? Stack up books to even out the heights! I have books on both tables that raise the lamps up to the same height and I love the way they look. (Especially coupled with my Book Lamp behind the couch!)

Enjoy and thanks for reading!!


  1. That looks awesome! Question though, how do you make the fabric fit on the shade at that angle and have the stencil line up? Did you stencil after it was covered? I want to make some now!

  2. Check out this tutorial on Smashed Peas and Carrots :

    I used the same method for cutting the fabric out, leaving just enough of an allowance on the top and bottom to wrap over the inner rim of the shade, and a slight edge on the short side to fold under!

    I used hot glue instead of spray adhesive, gluing one straight end of the fabric down first (on the edge where you see the shade's original fabric overlaps), then wrapping fabric all the way around and gluing down the other edge (I folded that end under to create a finished edge) overlapping slightly.

    Then I slowly glued the edges to the inside, placing dots of glue at intervals first, then filling in the gaps so everything went down evenly. After the shade was covered I painted the design! It is easier to paint the design afterward I think, to line everything up and compensate for an angled shade! Hope that helps!

  3. Some other resources!


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