Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project - Book Lamp Deluxe!

I saw this HGTV Book Lamp a while back, and have been itching to try it out for a while. We have a large stack of vintage books that we got as favors from a wedding last year that were perfect for the job. With some help from my handy hubby and the drill press at his work, we made it work!

We had a lamp base very similar to this Ikea one that we got in the As-Is section for a few dollars a long time ago. The base unscrews and Kyle was able to carefully detach the wiring from the socket so we could take it apart and slide the drilled books onto the post (please have someone who knows what they are doing do this part! Exhibit A: My engineer husband!).

Kyle drilled through each book using a drill press at his work, but with the right sized bit you could do this at home with a hand held drill. Just make sure you can clamp the book down tight when you drill! It WILL try to spin off and smack someone in the face!  I recommend using a bit slightly larger than the lamp post to give you a little room to wiggle. Once you've got all your books, simply slide them over the post in the order you like, reattach the wiring (Again, have someone on hand who knows what they are doing!!) and voila! You have your book lamp!

I went one step further and combined this snazzy thing with my Budget Anthropologie DIY Well Defined Lampshade, for a book themed spectacular!  This is a sturdy, nicely dimmed lamp that accents our home beautifully!

My favorite part is that the books are loose, so you can swivel and arrange the stack's appearance whenever you like!

Kitty Cat Appurrroved.

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