Thursday, September 1, 2011

Projects - Embroidered Engagement Gift

I embroidered these two tea towels for my sister-in-law for the occasion of her engagement! We were supposed to have a big party last weekend in Virginia Beach, but Hurricane Irene saw to it that no party was to be had. However, my father -in-law, the manly man that he is still managed to grill hot dogs and hamburgers outside in the middle of the storm. Nothing shall deter the men from their grilling! I spent the trip down and a few hours on Friday last week stitching up these little babies. The towels themselves were given to me by my mommy, she found them super cheap somewhere and got me a bunch to embroider on. They are huge and very absorbent!

I hand drew/made up each design with a quilters pencil and embroidered over the marks. She loved them! Especially the nom nom nom, as we both deeply enjoy LOL Cats.

Thanks for reading!

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