Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome to the Redesign!

Hello friends! I apologize again for such a delay in posting, Kyle and I just moved to a new apartment and life has been crazy packing up and unpacking all of my supplies again. I am finally settled and making new things again, new posts to come I promise!

For now... enjoy the site redesign!

I spent last weekend with my sketchbook open and Prisma Color markers out trying out new designs. I am not great with designing on the computer alone, so I felt that I needed to use what i'm comfortable with to create the look I wanted. The new design is %100 drawn and stamped by me ( using an awesome 1$ pack of letter stamps from Michaels), so please do not use my graphics unless I have given you permission!
 Also check out the new design at my jewelry blog!

[Coming Up Next:]

Hair Accessories! - I went on a bit of a glue gun bender the other day and made a bunch of new hair pins and such, so I will be sharing those soon!

Summer Dresses! - I'm on a sewing kick this week and have made 3 simple dresses so far, 2 from scratch and 1 an altered nightgown I've been trying to work out for a while. So look for those as well!

[ A special THANKS so much to Unconsumption for posting about my aprons on their tumblr last night! Welcome all visitors from over there, thank you for coming over!! ]

Thanks for reading, have a beautiful day friends!


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