Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project -Take a look, its in a Nook

My sweet husband bought himself a Nook Color this week, and in doing so asked me to make him a little slipcover for it since he didn't want the pink case the person he bought it from gave to him. 

I have an old wool skirt that I got at an estate sale where we were able to fill trash bags with as much as we could carry from woman who had an endless supply of unfinished sewing projects and fabric (mostly polyester from the 70's). I traced out the shape of the nook onto the fabric, and after some trial and error came up with a little cover using the buttons and button holes already used by the skirt.


It is somewhat experimental and I didn't spend much time on it because Kyle just wanted something simple and didn't mind the errors I made in stitching (from having to rip open the stitches a few times to make it fit) and the fact the buttons wound up on the wrong side, and you have to tuck in the flap to button it. But it's a start and maybe I'll make some more for Etsy. 

If you'd like a tutorial let me know!
Thanks for reading!

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