Thursday, November 11, 2010

Project - Ruffles Ruffles Everywhere

 Over the summer, I fell in love with a bedspread I saw on Urban Outfitters.

Unfortunately, since I did not have $150 to spend on a new duvet cover, I decided to  make my own.

I went to the thrift store and bought several sets of white sheets for a couple bucks each, used one king sized sheet as the base and cut the rest into strips which I hemmed and sewed onto the king size sheet using a ruffler foot on my sewing machine (Generic Ruffler Foot- I bought a cheap one at Joann fabrics for bout $16.00).

I spent just about the whole month of June working on the bedspread, king size is massive and it takes a while to cut and sew enough strips to cover the whole thing.

I spent some time trying to dye it gray without success, and finally got it to a oatmeal creamy color after I used dye remover on the last mistake. Because each sheet set I used was a different material composition and takes dye differently, I switched fabrics every other row so when I dyed it, it would look intentional.

(it's hard to tell on the pictures, but each row is a slightly different shade.)

Overall, the whole project cost me about $40, and it turned out just as awesome as the one I wanted!


  1. This is so beautiful!!! So dreamy! :)

  2. I was about to buy the same duvet until I came across this.
    It's even prettier and I am so excited to try it! Though, I've never sewn before.

    Did you cut all the strips the same size?
    Do you think you can give me the length mearsurements of the strips?


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