Friday, November 12, 2010

Project - My First Dress

Butterick B5457
 I started sewing with clothing patterns over the summer for the first time, and I made a dress to wear to our friends (Glasgow- Easter) wedding using some vintage sheets and valances, and Butterick's dress pattern B5457.

I added pockets into the side seams, because I require pockets in every dress possible... the whole thing took me two very loonnng days in my studio to finish, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out, minus the imperfections from my inexperience sewing clothes and having to take apart and re-sew several times.

I nixed the boning the instructions required cause I didn't feel like buying any (it would have helped though), and this dress became my favorite dress over the summer because it is sooo so comfortable! Soft, breathable and feminine, I adore it and will definitely be using this pattern again.

[ Photos by my darling husband Kyle Foster Photography ]

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  1. I can give you secret tips about boning! They will make your life so much easier!


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