Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weddings - Fosters - My wedding!

Kyle and I got married June 13, 2009. We had a limited budget so we tried to do a lot of the work ourselves, including designing the invitations, my dress, and personal touches for our big day.

Our invitations cost us less than $100 to make: We used a couple sets of cards { pre-scored and in sheet form for printing on, and came with matching envelopes} on sale at Target for $9 each. We chose the smallest ones possible to save on postage and created a postcard for our RSVP. We printed each of the different cards for the inserts on them and cut them to size and corner rounded each piece. 
For the main part of the invite I ordered blue linen textured paper from a store online for about $30/500 sheets so needless to say I had more than enough paper (we're still trying to use it up!). Those were cut in half longways and corner rounded and punched with a scrap-booking punch I also got from Target for a few dollars.
We printed off all the addresses on the envelopes and all the interiors on our own printer and saved a lot of money, and we are still getting compliments from people we invited on how beautiful the invites came out!

photography courtesy Sarah Knowlton {sknow design }

 My dress was my mother's, which was a replica of my Grandmother's dress which I then had reconstructed into a summer dress. It originally had long lace sleeves and was going to be completely inappropriate for a June beach wedding!  

We were able to take it back to the same seamstress who made it for my mom, she operates out of Cibolo, Texas, a tiny town my mom grew up in just outside of San Antonio. For about $500, I got a completely custom made dress that was both beautiful and sentimental.

my Grandmother on her wedding day


  1. I found your wedding photos on The Knot and I really loved your invitations!

    I was just wondering what font you used on the invitations?

  2. Hi there! So glad you came over to the blog!
    I used a combination of Book Antiqua and a font called Albemarle Swash (which was free at the time I used it, but it seems now to cost some money, however you may still be able to find it by googling it) -

    Hope you stick around and keep reading! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. P.S. I am planning to do a more detailed post on the invites in the near future so you can see the whole package, so stay tuned for that!


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