Friday, August 24, 2012

Projects - Vintage Paper Doll Art

I was visiting my family in Texas last week, and my mom and I spent a lot of time in antique shops around the area. At one shop we found a whole trunk full of vintage paper dolls, and I was immediately hooked! We dug through the trunk for at least an house matching up my favorites with their clothing. We found these sweet ballerinas from the '50's, and I thought the girls I nanny for would be enthralled with them! I often draw paper dolls with them when I nanny, and they, like many little girls, love all things ballet.

The dolls too fragile to play with, but I thought they would make such lovely artwork for their bedrooms. I picked up some white clearance frames from Michael's ($2 each if you can believe it!). I made sure to use some archival/acid free scrapbooking stickies to tack them onto some scrapbook paper from my stash that complemented their coloring, and voila! Pretty, minimally cheesy children's room artwork. 

I plan to do something similar with the 1940's paper dolls I got for myself! I hope they inspire you to keep an eye out for vintage dolls on your antiquing adventures, I think they hold a treasure trove of decorating and gift possibilities!

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