Monday, January 31, 2011

Project -Coffee Sack Facelift

Our kitty cats recently discovered the bins I keep my fabric in, and decided they were ideal scratching posts. They have since shredded the fronts to pieces and they are most distressing to look at! 

The evidence of destruction by my 3 little monsters. 

I got a big pile of used coffee sacks from someone off of and have been trying to figure out what i wanted to do with them, until it dawned on me. 


So, I measured out the general size of the bins and cut enough 12 x 12 squares to make slipcovers for all 9 bins.

Because I just got my sewing machine back from the shop I did not want to destroy it with lint and fuzz from the coffee bags, I resorted to my favorite quick fix.... hot glue gun!! Because the fabric is a loose weave the glue holds really well into the fibers. Just watch out and don't burn your fingers!

 After gluing all the side seams, I fitted it over the box inside out and glued down the raw edges on the top and bottom to size, then turned it right side out and voila!

I kind of just fit each one as I went, the fabric shifted a lot after cutting so it was hard to make any of them uniformly sized.  If the slipcover was too large when it went on the first time, I just pulled the excess fabric tight and folded it over to make a new seam and glued it in place, jiggling the cover every so often to make sure the cover wasn't getting glued to the box.

The finished product! its not the best quality project I've ever done, but they look better than they did and I hope to either refinish the cubicle itself at some point or be able to put them in a better one when we are not living in a minuscule apartment! 

Thanks for reading!

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